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1) What is ROHINI?

ROHINI...... Registry of Hospitals in Network of Insurance, a distinctive effort by Insurance information Bureau of India IIB, promoted by the insurance regulator IRDAI. ROHINI, a one of its kind registry that begins with 32000 hospitals will act as central repository for hospitals in the Insurers Providers Network with the list of hospitals being updated periodically. To start with, each hospital will be provided with a 13-digit globally Unique ID and geographical coordinates based on their address.


2) Why should hospitals be part of ROHINI? How does ROHINI benefit them?

ROHINI will be a game changer for Hospitals, as it will progressively open up immense possibilities to rethink and reshape their strategies..... It will allow hospitals


  • Greater Visibility, Credibility and Branding
  • Register and Edit information
  • Broadcast address or contact information changes in a matter of click to all stakeholders associated with them
  • Faster claims processing
  • Electronic exchange of medical records between hospitals and insurance companies seamlessly in future


3) Fees:
  • For Hospitals Existing in the Registry - No fee for editing etc.
  • For Hospitals Existing in the Registry - Rs.3245 for renewal + service tax as applicable for 3 years.
  • For New Hospitals - Rs.3245 for enrollment + service tax as applicable for 3 years.


(Currently service tax @18% w.e.f.21.06.2017)



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