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A portal uniquely identifying all hospitals in the country will open immense possibilities in insurance and healthcare sector. A few benefits would be:
  • The Portal will allow hospitals to register, make changes, add information, etc through permitted access, providing them with visibility, credibility and faster claims processing.
  • Facilitates hospitals to broadcast address or contact information changes in a matter of click to all stakeholders associated with them.
  • Brings in authenticity and greater visibility of the hospitals and healthcare facilities across the country.
  • Facilitates national, region and state level analytical reporting on healthcare aspects.
  • Electronic exchange of medical records between hospitals and insurance companies seamlessly in future.
  • Fast, reliable and relevant Analytics: Geography based trends, patterns of disease occurrence, cost patterns, etc.
  • Curbing insurance frauds due to fake hospital information


The proposed registry can become a strong backbone to all e-governance initiatives by MoHFW, Public Health managers and Health Industry.
  • By virtue of adoption of unique identification for drugs, hospitals, patients, medical records etc, this registry can pave way to electronic exchange of information between all stakeholders in healthcare sector and insurance sector which brings absolute visibility and fraud detection in insurance sectors.

    Phase I of the initiative comprises of:

    • De-duplication
    • Globally Unique IDs (Global Location Number(GLN))
    • Basic details
    • The Hospital Self Service Portal for fresh enrollment, addition/deletion or amendment of already registered details
    • Alerts to be sent to Insurers and TPAs for any changes in the registry (new hospitals added, changes in the coordinates of an existing hospital, etc.)
  • Future enhancements will be made to the Registry with attributes like number of beds, specialization, details of doctors, Classification / Categorization of these hospitals into clinics, hospitals, diagnostic centres etc. based on the feedback from the stakeholders, their evolving needs and their experience in the initial phases.


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